Why Socialites are super lean – the scientific low-down

Socialites having their cake and eating it

Researchers at Ohio State University found that when mice are given a more engaging environment to live in, with lots of opportunities for getting together and socializing with other mice, their bodies start converting some of their energy-storing white fat (that’s where all those extra calories get stored) into energy-burning brown fat.

The fat loss was much more substantial than what one would lose working out on a treadmill, researchers confirmed.

According to experts, you’d need a prolonged exposure to cold to trigger the body switch from white to brown fat.
Living proof of this are the super lean and super healthy looking examples of the Duchess of Cambridge and Daphne Guinness. Ali Lohan looks skinny but she copes with the additional pressure of being a model and the little sister of a mega-(in)famous sister.

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