UltraDex Scientifically Developed Dental Products



Post-trial notes

As is the case with a number of products, the full benefits of trying them out only show after a dedicated, long-term use.

We are truly impressed with the toothpaste which has made a difference but again, after religious several weeks use. The mouthwash is non-aggressive, non-alcohol based and as the latter have been bashed in the press recently, we are inclined to stick with Ultra Dex.


UltraDex is a brand ¬†originally developed by the late Professor Perry Ratcliff, an eminent periodontologist and one of America’s leading experts on dental health and gum disease.

Dr Ashish B. Parmar of Smile Design is one of the Key Opinion Leaders who recommends and uses the brand in the UK.

We are testing the new Recalcifying & Whitening Toothpaste and alcohol-free Daily Oral Rinse, developed for sensitive teeth in conjunction with the Institute of Dentistry at the Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University London.. The wire-free brushes and fresh breath oral spray complete the set.

The range utilises clinically proven technology, backed by extensive scientific research, to combat the hundreds of millions of bacteria our mouths contain (bacteria is, of course, the main culprit of bad odour in general).

Bacteria thrives on debris and forms that stubborn plaque that erodes gums and eventually destoys tooth material, leading to complex and expensive to solve dental problems.

Given that bad teeth are the first giveaway of advancing age and poor grooming, it follows that investing in top products is also top priority.

We will be writing post-trial notes in a few weeks, probably post-Christmas and its countless indulgences. Watch this space.


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