SCRUBD: Product Review

SCRUBD Anti-Ageing Range 2020
SCRUBD Anti-Ageing Range 2020

A range of face care products developed specifically for men

We have been testing the SCRUBD brand eye gel, face serum and face moisturiser.

There are countless anti-aging or rather, age-defying products on the market, all promising to mitigate the visible signs of aging.

The SCRUBD products have been developed using all-natural, 100% vegan ingredients, including Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

Our tester is a man in his early 70s, with extensive sun damage on the face and pronounced bags under the eyes. He adhered to a strict regimen of using the following three products:

Anti-aging eye gel, face serum and moisturiser.

The eye gel is formulated, according to the manufacturer’s website, with caffeine, the usual A, C and E vitamins, plus Aloe Vera, blueberry and cucumber extracts, all known to gently tighten and sooth the delicate skin under the eyes and give it a boost.

Consistent use of the gel does reduce the bags appearance by addressing the puffiness and gently smoothing the fine lines.

Skin serum, as regular users know, preps the skin for the moisturiser. The Hyaluronic Acid in the serum locks in moisture and although acting just topically, improves general skin quality.

The SCRUBD serum is loaded with marine collagen which we like both applying on and taking in orally, in the form of powder or liquid. Marine collagen really does improve the condition of your skin and is a genuine, proven, natural age defying product.

The moisturiser contains two of our favourite oils: Argan and olive, of which we can never get enough. The boosting effect is provided by the goji berry and passion fruit extracts.

An altogether winning combination of nourishing oils and toning ingredients, the moisturiser does exactly what it promises. Our tester’s sun damage lesions subsided and the skin was softer to the touch.

The SCRUBD skin range is all natural and full of goodness, and suitable for both men and women, in fact. It does not trade on fancy or complex ingredients’ names and is fairly priced.

The containers are a perfect travel size.

We recommend highly.

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