Rita Rakus: Waging War on Age

rita rakus
dr rita rakus

She has been dominating the non-surgical enhancement industry for more than three decades.

Her clinic has seen more awards than a Hollywood star and many a Hollywood star has kept age at bay through her expertise.

She pioneered the application of Botox and other injectables long before they were popularised across mainstream media and became mainstream treatments.

She was instrumental in founding The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners of Britain.

She is a medical doctor who practised in her native Australia and spearheaded same day turnaround lab results before moving to London and establishing her state of the art Knightsbridge clinic.

She remains the undisputed “queen of lips”, but she so much more than that.

Rita Rakus remains ahead of the curve for a number of reasons: as an individual she is inquisitive and competitive; as a businesswoman, she is determined to keep her clinic relevant/at the forefront of the anti-aging industry.

When not at her London establishment, she travels the world over, lecturing, presenting and exploring ground-breaking research, treatments, and newly developed equipment.

Her UK clinic has, in fact, the largest arsenal of equipment which gives it its edge among any and all other competitors. 

She is plastic surgeon-endorsed, often lecturing alongside the best names in the field, and is the recipient of countless industry awards, more recently for adopting the “clean beauty” concept (organically sourced, ethically developed products).

As a high priestess of beauty enhancement and rejuvenation, she is on every conceivable social media channel too, because the next generation consumers rely increasingly on digital communication. 

Minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures are growing exponentially in importance and dominance. This is because we are all time-poor and opt for minimum down time.  In any case, plastic surgery can only rejuvenate and/or beautify up to a point – unless the skin is looked after, maintained and optimised, age creeps up on us all with the inevitable tell-tale signs. 

Waging war on these signs, Rita Rakus is a formidable specimen: polished yet feisty; curious, forward thinking; entrepreneurial and at the same time closely attuned to her patients; above all, ageless herself.

About the clinic and the treatments

The eponymous clinic has been beautifying the famous and lesser mortals for two decades. Its sister pop-up clinic at the Rosewood Hotel, Dubai, provides continuity of care to its Middle-Eastern clients.

It has been offering every cutting edge treatment as soon as, and often before it gets widely adopted by everyone else in the beauty enhancement industry.

Treatments Review

Not all Botox is equal

Botox has such popularity that it is even offered by Superdrug, the high street retailer.

It has become as commonplace as visiting the hairdresser. 

Yet, and it is a big disclaimer, all Botox providers are not equal. 

Dr Rakus works today with a number of practitioners at her Knightsibridge Clinic. 

One of them, Dr Nicoloso, administered my own course of Botox. I don’t have to laud the Rakus clinic in particular because, as a writer on elective treatments, I have access to countless clinics worldwide.  The fact remains, however, that sparing amounts of Botulinum Toxin in the right spots do wonders, whereas generous portions of the product simply freeze the face, with disastrous tell-tale results. Not to mention the associated bruising that often accompanies the injections…

Dr Nicoloso treated a vertical forehead line, sparingly the corners of the eyes, and the fine perioral wrinkles. 

The result was subtle and bruise-free, and lasted the requisite 3 months and beyond.


Now here is an exciting product for those who don’t subscribe to filler treatments.  Dr Rakus spoke of “filler fatigue” conversationally because of all the over-filled, puffed-out faces one sees so frequently on pages of magazines, social media and TV. Without naming names, we are all too aware of what too many fillers do to a face.

Profhilo is a hyulronic acid based treatment that targets the skin texture rather than fills out the skin.

Tiny amounts of the naturally occurring substance are injected, through very small needles, deep into the epidermis. Two treatments, 4 weeks apart, are needed to see the full benefits, which include better skin texture and some plumping effect without the swelling caused by generic fillers.

The results after two treatments are subtle but clearly perceptible: small wrinkles are filled out as the product disperses in the hours and days after being administered; the skin texture is much improved; appearance is plumped without being in the least bit swollen. As is the case with all treatments, non-invasive or surgical, regular top-ups and maintenance are required.


Dr Rita Rakus Clinic

34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1RW 


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