Red Tea antioxidant skin products



We are using this range on a regular basis.

The Cleanser is rich and smooth and doesn’t dry out the skin. We love that.

The Toner ditto – the sprey dispenser broke a short time after we started using it, so we simply removed the top. The colour of the toner is that of a vastly diluted tea, so don’t think you’ve removed tons of dirt from your skin when you wipe it – it’s the colour of the product.

The Moisturiser is absorbed almost instantly, so if you have a naturally very dry skin, this product is probably not for you.

If, however, you suffer from shiny skin and want a smooth foundation, this definitely is your face cream.

All three products would appeal hugely to people who prefer natural products that have that organic quality to them rather than rely on marketing gimmicks and cost the earth.


Dynamo House  Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy, a spa-quality range of skin products include  essential oils and Rooibos rich in alpha-hydroxy acid. The Rooibos tea extract contains potent natural antioxidants 50 times greater than those found in green tea plus enzymes such as Vitamin C, E, plus Bioflavonoids and Carotene that support the body’s natural protectors and help limit the ageing effect of free radicals on the skin.

We have started testing  the Cleanser, Toner and facial Moisturiser products this week.

The cleanser is rich and creamy and leaves the skin soft to the touch. The toner is light and non-atsringent. The mosituriser is a surprise – it is absolrbed very fast, so no traces of any greasiness whatsoever. We would recommend in hot weather in particular as any foundation on top looks perfectly applied (no smearing associated with heavier moisturisers).

We will report again after using for a couple of weeks.

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