Perfect Woman Supplement


Post-trial notes

We trialed these during a ski trip in the Swiss Alps where we stayed in fabulous hotels, used the spas daily, took walks breathing the Swiss air, which has a unique quality to it, and had the healthiest and most delicious meals one could imagine. No wonder then that our hair grew faster, our skin looked plumped up and amazing, and we felt on top of the world. Post-skiing trip, we continue to take Perfect Woman 7 and it has to be said, the skin remains the best it has ever been, even though it is exposed daily to city pollution and stress. Possibly the clever combination of marine oil and vitamins is the key, but we are definitely sold on this.

Starting trials…

On a multi-tasking vitamin and marine oil supplement, Perfect Woman 7 from Seven Seas that promises to improve: skin and nails; hair; energy;, brain; vision; heart; hormonal acitivity.

Will be reporting on this once the 30 day trial is completed.


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