On apitherapy, a.k.a. bee venom therapy

apitherapyApitherapy is a general term for homeopathic treatments based on bee by-products, however, it is most commonly used to describe treatments using bee venom.

Recently, the benefits of bee venom have made headlines because it has been reported that the Duchess of Cornwall is a devotee and that her new daughter-in-law, the then Kate Middleton, used a bee venom based face mask on her wedding day.

Bee venom has been used with variable results for treating arthritis, rhumatism and MS-related illnesses. It is claimed that the venom also acts as a muscle inhibitor, mimicking Botox.

Bee by-products have long been the staple of homeopaths. Organic honey, although rich in carbohydrates, is generally good for the health.

Bee venom cosmetic preparations may well be mildly beneficial but until sound scientific data emerges to back up the claims of the brands producing them, we at www.defy-age.org will remain mildly sceptical.

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