BB Publications, our sister imprint, is announcing the forthcoming publication of Dissecting the Facelift, with the collaboration of the world’s top surgeons (and we don’t mean the best marketed surgeons!)

The Book

There are today a number of different approaches to facelifting, some being variations (or a combination) of previously established surgical techniques, but virtually all offering the prospective patient a natural and lasting result.

Plication, SMASectomy, High SMAS, thread lifts, suspension lifts, MACS lifts, lipolifting, etc. all challenge even the best informed consumer in terms of making what is a hugely important decision.

Thus, we frequently see individuals in the public eye, who have both the means and information needed to choose well, sporting a post-operative look that amounts to a drastic transformation of their facial features.

This new book will feature renowned surgeons, who have established their own approach to facelifting, published papers on it, and whose methodology is adopted by others because it has had consistent and excellent results.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have no intention of saying this surgeon or this approach is right and the other is wrong – as a publisher we merely intend to give a platform to top surgeons to outline how they do things, why and with what result.

There has always existed in plastic surgery a “sand line” of sorts, differentiating between the high end/”couture” facelift and the lower end “kiss me quick” procedures that can be had for a relatively modest outlay.

This book will address, at some length, the subject of selecting a surgeon – not by reiterating the obvious, i.e. the need for a surgeon to be properly qualified/belonging to a professional body, etc., but rather, focusing on the fact that patients have different priorities and expectations and should use the book to decide which surgeon’s approach would work best for them.

We propose to do what we have done in previous publications, i.e. edit medical terminology in consumer language, with the surgeon’s collaboration and approval.

Copies can be pre-ordered at a 40% discount from our distributors’ website: Dissecting The Facelift

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