New anti-oxidant tea

Rooibos, Afrikaans for ‘red bush’ is a member of the legume family growing in South Africa.



The health benefits of rooibos have long been part of South African folklore, but increased research into its properties over the past ten years has found evidence that it is rich in anti-oxidants which assist in preventing various forms of cancer, heart attack, and reducing cholesterol levels.

Research results about rooibos in relation to heart health and diabetes are emerging from studies in Sweden, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Tests on humans showed significant increases in anti-oxidant levels in the blood of people who drank rooibos and that drinking 400ml of rooibos (two cups) per day “significantly inhibited augiotensin-converting enzyme activity implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease”. In other words, rooibos can help prevent heart attack.

Research had also revealed the tea to reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol while increasing levels of “good cholesterol”.

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