Nature’s Plus AgeLoss Skin Support



Nails and hair grow as if on steroids. A really good, all round vitamin supplement with emphasis on addressing mid-age loss of nutrients.

Highly recommended.

Only reservation is that, with having to take 3 tablets a day, you need to allow for £1/$1.60 a day on it. On the plus side, with so much packed in a single tablet, you may not need anything else at all. We took it on its own, with just our regular 1000 mg Vitamin C dissolvable tablet.


Packed with Vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin, biotin,  Zinc, Vitamins C, E, D, B12 and B6, the REJUVABOLIC™ Antioxidant Blend also contains Green Tea and other powerful nutrients – including EFAsoft ™ essential fatty acids and AminoDerm Matrix –  to promote healthy, radiant skin.

Organic Whole Foods annatto, amla, Algas calcareas, guava, holy basil, lemon and brown rice contribute naturally occurring nutrients and phytonutrients that support the overall activity of the healthful nutrients in AgeLoss Skin Support.

We are beginning testing of this product (which sounds amazing) now and, based on 3 tablets a day/90 tablet jar, expect to report on effects on skin in a mid-40s female reader by end October.

Cost of product is GBP£34.25 but seems good value based on the contents listed on the bottle.


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