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How to get rid of persistent dandruff

Dandruff affliction is not just anti-social and embarrassing, it can also be the cause of hair loss and a sign of premature ageing.

We recently experimented on a male subject who had tried every conceivable mass market shampoo and anti-dandruff treatment without any success.

We alternated the following scalp treatments:

1. Anti-baterical neem powder, mixed into paste and applied to the scalp twice weekly, left on for a couple of hours, then rinced off, hair towel dried

2. Scalp rubbed with baking soda, then hair rinsed and towel-dried – twice a week

3. Scalp rubbed with a mixture of growth stimulating buckthorn oil and a few drops of tea tree oil and left overnight, then shampooed off with mild nettle shampoo – once a week.

Six months down the line, the subject is flake-free, hair loss has diminished although not completely stopped, and some new hair growth evidenced.

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