The honey of life

The benefits of organically produced honey are well-documented.

Equally well-documented is the global decline of the bee population and the danger this represents to agriculture.

One of the most responsible brands in the apitherapy field – and the only one subject to a clinical study – is Life Mel.

Life Mel Honey uses nectar from bees fed on a very particular diet that includes, among others, Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea and Uncaria Tomentosa. The product itself – the actual honey – is further enhanced with the addition of iron, protein and vitamins.

We tested a honey that included stinging nettle extract and had a distinctive green tinge to it. Its consistency was almost jam-like and the taste was like nothing else we’ve ever tried. A thick, rich honey, neither liquid nor set; neither too sweet nor too overpowering as some organic honeys can be, this is used by patients undergoing chemotherapy as a white blood cell booster.

A spoonful of Life Mel a day will boost your immune system without any side effects and in the knowledge that you are ingesting pure unadulterated goodness.

We were particularly pleased to be sent the stinging nettle extract variety as nettle is one of the unsung heroes of phythotherapy. We have long been dedicated proponents of putting healthy stuff inside your body to ward off and to fight off disease.

Honey is one of those miracle products that go a long, long way – but one has to ensure it is the right kind (supermarket brands tend to be based on glucose-fed bees’ nectar). In this case, as in most, you get what you pay for.

For more information on the product, watch this video.

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