Heaven Overnight Success



We used this product for a few days and initially, didn’t detect a huge change in complexion. There was a remarkable change on the second week, however, especially in that difficult eye area. This looks nicely plumped up, without the puffiness, and no sign of dark circles even when we are short on sleep.

Our advice is to use the product generously because we also found a marked difference when we used a little more of it.This is not a budget product – at GBP£150 per 150 ml, it is up there with some of the most expensive brands – but if you can afford it, not only is is it a worthwhile addition to  your beauty shelf, it would soon become an essential one.


Here is an interesting product from the Deborah Mitchell range.

In addition to vitamins B5, C and E, it contains Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (the latter apparently “fizzes on the skin and feeds it so skin will be able to breathe overnight”).

We are trying it out next week because we like Carbon Dioxide treatments in any case. They really do liven up the skin in a way that nothing else does and it is amazing how few people are aware of this.

The product smells heavenly but the proof of the properties is in the testing.

We will return to this product after we’ve used it for a week or so – even though results are meant to be visible after the first application.

Stay tuned.

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