Frezyderm Mild Wash Foam and Dermiox Cream


We have been trialling these two products for a couple of weeks now and find them pretty impressive.

Our scientifically-motivated suspicion of topical cosmetic products making great promises and relying on fancy descriptions and packaging is well-documented on this site, as well as in the books we publish.

We were intrigued by Dermiox which has been developed as an anti-aging face cream, containing HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and plant extracts. It is described as suitable for use after minimally invasive procedures. As most of our readers know, any plastic surgery procedure taxes the skin, so formulating an ointment to help it recover has been long overdue.

mild_wash_foamStarting with the Mild Wash Foam, we have got to give it an unequivocal 10 out 10. Why?

Well, firstly, it is a fantastic make-up remover. Secondly, a little blob cleans the face perfectly.

Thirdly and most importantly, no dryness whatsoever even though our tester has a naturally very dry skin. Wouldn’t use anything else from now on! The only downside as far as we are concerned is that it doesn’t come in a travel size (to take on a flight).

Dermiox is one of the best we have ever tried, again without any equivocation (other than, again, no travel size containers). Quite apart from the fact that it has the perfect balance (neither dry nor greasy), it gives the skin a great texture throughout the day. Does it reduce wrinkles? This is always the million dollar question. We are not scrutinising every wrinkle on a daily basis (and are, in any case, using other products and procedures simultaneously), but here is a face cream that is a very serious contender for ‘best on the market”.

These are products that do not rely on endless hype and expensive advertising, yet deliver a great deal more than a momentary plumping effect.

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