FOGA: the go-to instant smoothies

FOGA shakes were created with a dual goal: to fuel people’s bodies with nutrient-rich smoothies, and to reduce food waste.

The products range from Breakfast Oatshakes, Superfood Boosters, to a Build Your Own Box concept. The flavours are diverse, with blends such as Kiwi & Greens, Blueberry & Acai, Beetroot & Ginger, Banana Turmeric, Peanut Cold Brew and Matcha Moringa, with various other mixes depending on the plan you select. The plan can be as simple as a incorporating a daily smoothie into your diet to a more structured 7 Day Reset.

We loved the entire concept: from the ease of transport/consumption, to the sustainability credentials that underpin the principles of the company.

The sachets are small, making them an ideal addition for travelling (especially to far-flung places, where an extra dose of goodness won’t go amiss). FOGA make it as simple as that: pop a sachet in your bag on your way to work or grab a bunch for a vacation. Whatever your end goal, the ease of transport is definitely a bonus. Which segues to the ease of use: just add water. And mix. That’s it, and voila! you have a nutrient-enhanced smoothie at your fingertips.

In terms of the nutritional aspect: Only organic fruit and vegetables are used for the smoothies. The ingredients are “freeze dried whole at peak ripeness, locking in maximum taste and nutrition.”

Freeze drying preserves nutritious plants perfectly, meaning a healthy diet doesn’t have to mean wasted brown fruit & veg”, say Foga founders, Pheobe and Ollie. 

Freeze dried ingredients not only allow for consumption of the smoothies year-round, but the concept contributes to the ‘Zero to Landfill’ ethos FOGA embodies.

“Our broken food system wastes 30% of the food that is grown – contributing to about 10% of total green house gases. Freeze dried food doesn’t spoil or deteriorate. Plus, use the prepaid envelope to return our sachets (which have 30x less plastic than a bottle) to us for specialist recycling.”

We recommend FOGA for the nutritional benefits (and equally so for their admirable determination to combat food waste). Benefits include:

100% of daily vitamin needs

All the essential minerals

High absorption ‘food’ state

Natural antioxidants + polyphenols

No fillers, binders or casings.

A whole serving of fruit & veg

20+ flavours to keep it interesting.

Smoothie you’ll actually enjoy

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