Esthederm Intensive Retinol Serum and Cream



A pioneer of research into skin flora and its ecosystem, French brand Esthederm is one of the most scientifically advanced in a market that’s crowded but far from saturated as the fight against signs of aging fuels demand.

Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A, has seen a lot of traction in the cosmetic industry and for very good reason. Retinoids work by gently exfoliating the skin and, at a much more profound level, by enhancing collagen production, skin smoothing, and evening out of pigmentation caused by sun exposure. This is scientific fact, not marketing speak.

Not all Retinol products are equal, however, and percentages of the active ingredient vary substantially.


The 0.3% Retinol serum is impressive and should be used in conjunction with the cream, either together (serum, then cream) or separately (serum at night; cream in the morning).

If your skin suffers from deep wrinkles, laxity and photo-aging, putting it on an intense starter program of care is paramount before you can switch to maintenance mode.

The important thing is to stick with it and finish the course: Retinol is gentle on the skin (if yours is ultra sensitive, mix some cream with the serum before applying) and requires a degree of perseverance.

That said, Esthederm’s products managed to reverse some serious sun damage in record time. Our tester returned from a stint in the Mediterranean, just a week before Royal Ascot, and saw fairly dramatic improvement is skin tone and texture.  The fine pigmentation evened out, leaving a smooth surface, leading us to conclude there was some re-surfacing even in a short space of time.

An eminently worthwhile investment!

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