Equazen eye q 50+

ec-equazen-eyeq-mind_1This food supplement already has a great Ambassador (Dame Judi Dench swears by it) and hardly needs an endorsement but we are giving it a try  and a write-up anyway. Why? Because it contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty oils that few of us get enough of (if at all) as part of our daily diet. This finely calibrated concentration of fish oils (the supplement leaves no after-taste whatsoever, incidentally!) improves brain efficiency and concentration and the 50+ version is specially formulated with the aging population in mind.

Short of consumming a large helping of sardines every day, this is a great insurance against the decay of the mind as we march towards the sunset.  And as the 5os are said to be the new 40s, every bit helps…  Definitely add to your food supplement cocktail – and if you don’t have one, take Equazen at the very least.

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