by Dr Daniel Sister

Electrophoresis uses the principle of electrical perforation and penetration of the skin without an injector. Rather, it uses water and electrophoresis penetration technology to directly deliver active elements or nutrients into skin tissues. The distribution is even, comprehensive and deep, and nutrients are absorbed by the skin rapidly, generating remarkable results.

The technique involves the use of a pulsed low frequency electric current, allowing easy access to the cell membrane, completely replacing the traditional needle injection and reaching an absorption rate that is 2000 times more powerful.

It has been used by medics as a non-invasive drug delivery method for medication since the 1960s.

Dermoporation© combines electroporation and electrophoresis to deliver active substances into the skin that are absorbed deeply. The results are nothing short of amazing.

Electroporation consists of the application of short electric impulses on cells and tissues. These electric impulses act on the cell membranes and in particular on the lipid intercellular spaces, bringing about molecular changes that lead to the formation of ultramicropores. These ultramicropores increase the cutaneous permeability (the rate at which the skin absorbs).

The techniques offer a non-invasive, fast, safe and highly effective therapy, ideal for treating cellulite, localized adiposity, flabbiness, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Studies show that the effectiveness of the equipment multiplies the results of a topical application exponentially, due to greater depth and volume of absorption and distribution.

The sessions are completely painless and highly personalized: the therapist will evaluate the program and select the substances in order to achieve the desired results which are discussed with the patient during the initial visit. The program can be adjusted subject to results.

The areas that best respond to treatment are:

• Thighs
• Gluteal
• Abdomen
• Pectorals (only in men)
• Arms
• Back
• Face, neck and neckline

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