Dissecting the Facelift


A must read for anyone considering a facelift!

This is the only book in existence exploring comparative approaches to facelifting techniques in depth and without marketing gimmicks or misleading acronyms. The book consists of essays, accompanied by drawings and pictures, by the world’s leading (rather than best marketed) surgeons who have established their own approach to facelifting and whose methodology/technique represents a benchmark because of its consistent and excellent results.

The book is the gold standard and definitive guide to the “surgeons’ surgeons” who are on the top of their game today.

Contributing authors in alphabetical order:

Dr Alsarraf, Dr Asaria, Dr Baker, Dr Calabria, Dr Ceydeli, Dr Fernandes, Dr Garson, Dr Jacono, Dr Le Louarn, Dr Marten, Dr Matarasso, Dr Mendelson, Dr Mitz, Dr Muggenthaler, Dr Mentz, Dr Nassif, Dr Pfulg, Dr Ramirez, Dr Rorich, Dr Paul

Co-Authors: Dr Elyassina, Dr Flowers, Dr Sinno, Dr Ramanadham

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