Losing enamel is inevitable given what we subject our teeth to, even if we are ultra-cautious and brush several times a day.

This is more worrying than cavities which can of course be filled by your dentist.

In a bid to stem enamel loss, we decided to test the Colgate Enamel Strenth toothpaste which promises to “help replenish and seal enamel”.

We tested the product on someone who has sensitive teeth on one side and was hugely concerned about surface tooth erosion.

A week after the tester started using the product (which looks, incidentally, like Vaseline rather than regular white toothpaste), she was able to chew cold and hot foods without the heightened sensitivity. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of a product such as this, and to know how much of the promise is hype, but the tester report is encouraging enough to make us stockpile on Colgate Enamel Strength without delay.

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