An interview with Ava Farvahari, founder of My Pure Aesthetics

My Pure Aesthetics is a beauty clinic with two locations in London (Putney and Uxbridge). Specialising in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, the clinic offers a range of beauty packages and treatments, from PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) to Organic Fillers. Additionally, My Pure Aesthetics offers aesthetic training courses in partnership with the British Board of Anti-ageing & Integrated Medicine (Bbaim).

We asked founder Ava Farvahari a few questions about establishing My Pure Aesthetics and the ever-changing beauty trends.

Ava Farvahari

Can you tell us about My Pure Aesthetics and your background.

Absolutely! I started My Pure Aesthetics in 2017. Aesthetics wasn’t as popular back then but it was becoming an increasingly more sought after service. I initially had a small (but loyal) local following and they helped spread the word based upon word of mouth alone. I still see the majority of my original clients today.

How is My Pure Aesthetics different to other clinics in central London?

I think we really set ourselves apart by our level of customer service. That might sounds mundane but it’s something we pride ourselves on and we take really seriously. Our client retention is great.

How has the perception of beauty changed recently? Are there any specific treatments you are seeing more of a demand for?

Natural results have become more popular recently. I think people are a lot more mindful about not wanting to look to ‘overdone’ – or like they’ve had any work done at all!

We also do a lot more corrective work which usually requires dissolving and then refilling with a more subtle, ‘less is more’ approach typically over a period of time rather than in one appointment.

What treatments would you recommend to someone who has just started to invest in their beauty routine?

It really depends – there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to aesthetics. We always recommend our clients come in for an initial consultation; there is never any pressure to go ahead with treatment and it means we get a chance to discuss the options available to the client more in depth, meaning they then have an opportunity to make an informed decision before going ahead with any treatment.

However, Botox is always a great starting place for those new to aesthetic treatments and whom are concerned by fine lines and the first signs of ageing.

Besides beauty enhancing treatments, what are some general pointers/advice you would give to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

It would have to be drink more water! I think it’s quite easy to assume you’re consuming enough water over the period of a full day but it’s actually quite easy to miss the mark if you’re not being mindful about it and it makes a world of difference to cell health, detoxification and the appearance of your skin!

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