10 things you need to know/remember about stalling the effects of ageing


1.Keep a routine that is proportionate to your age. Late nights, heavy drinking and smoking, fast food and going to bed without cleaning your teeth are never recommended but totally unforgiving past your twenties. Women in particular look their age and older after a few drinks.

2.If you don’t like drinking water, hydrate through herbal and unsweetened teas but do keep the fluid intake at a good level

3.Dental hygiene is hugely important and not just aesthetically speaking

4. Do not invest in expensive cosmetic fads. Most face preparations on the market are pretty much the same, whether they cost $5 or $500. The exception are those sold through reputable medical practitioners.

5. Do embrace homeopathy and organic supplements. Scientific research has delivered a better understanding of the human body and proven anti-ageing procedures and products. Along with that there is a recognition that many centuries old products work wonders. Argan oil, which hairdressers have adopted in the last few years, is a good case in point.

6.Do resort to plastic surgery with moderation and choose your surgeon with great care. We are always amazed to see women (and men) who can afford the best looking unnatural at best, a caricature of themselves at worst.

7.Keep your mind and body busy and active. Becoming irrelevant and obsolete with age robs you of motivation and takes the sparkle out of your eyes.

8.Be realistic. You can never reverse the march of ageing, but you can look amazing with regular maintenance.

9 Cleanse your system frequently through a mild natural laxative (herbal teas, fig sirup, prunes, etc.) and through some form of fasting (whether total for a day or by limiting your food intake to juices/very light meals for 3 days)

10 Fall in love, even if it is platonic, and keep the company of people who make you laugh. It creates a buzz like no other and keeps you young.

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