10 things you need to know/remember about nutrition/dieting


1.No diet is a ‘one size fits all’ regime. Diet needs to be tailored to the individual

2.Prescribed diets work for short periods of time and are difficult to sustain through your lifespan

3.Adopting a protein-only or raw vegetable only or any exclusive diet would seriously unbalance your system

4.If you decide to become vegetarian, make sure your include a lot of protein in your diet from pulses

5.Calorie counting doesn’t work because we are all inclined to cheat and also because we all need a different intake

6.Simply eating less of everything you normally enjoy would result in weight loss

7.Eating fresh and seasonal vegetables, fruits and salads really does pay tremendous health dividends

8.Avoid deep fried, over-processed/over-favoured foods (most pre-prepared meals and canned foods are so), anything that contains ‘opposite’ condiments, such as salt and sugar (this combination increases the appetite) and too much red meat unless your lifestyle involves a lot of physical activity

9.Do eat fish and if you don’t like it, take fish oil supplements

10.Do indulge occasionally – it’s good for the spirits. Speaking of spirits of the alcoholic kind, drink moderately.  All excess is bad for the body and for the brain too.

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