10 things you need to know/remember about exercise


1.You need to take regular brisk exercise to kick start your metabolism and keep it going

2.Your body gets accustomed to the same set of exercises, so change the routine regularly

3.Exercise alone will not change the shape of your body – you need to develop a body toning set of stretching routines in order to shift obstinate fat deposits from problem areas

4.Weight lifting exercises, if properly done, will tone the entire body, not just the upper part

5.Swimming is the best overall, all-body exercise

6.If swimming is not a daily option, take up vigorous dancing to your favourite upbeat music

7.Try to exercise outdoors and outside of your comfort zone as this converts white fat to brown fat and improves the condition of your cardio-vascular system

8.Sex is a great form of exercise

9.Exercise is addictive in that it releases feel-good homones

10.Try and find an activity that you enjoy, else you’d be going through the motions without much conviction or effect

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